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Property Owners and Managers Should Think Ahead to Spring Projects


Dakota Evans Restoration encourages those who oversee multi-family or commercial properties to plan now for warmer weather projects.

With spring coming, it’s time to start thinking about exterior restoration projects that were put aside during the winter months. As temperatures warm up, and the snow and ice begin to thaw, many property owners may begin to notice cracks or water damage that occurred due to colder temperatures.

“All of the salt that was used during the winter can actually wreak havoc on exterior façades, causing corrosion and other damage,” said Chuck McCrimmon, founder and president of Dakota Evans Restoration, Inc. “Dakota Evans Restoration has decades of experience in providing exterior restoration services, and can share our expertise with property and building owners who aren’t sure about which projects to begin first.”

As a result of their vast experience, Dakota Evans has become a performance leader in façade restoration and balcony repairs in the Chicagoland area. Company construction crews continually receive education and training, to ensure they have the most up-to-date information relating to restoration and repair work for commercial and multi-family properties.

Dakota Evans can provide property owners with solutions to a variety of upcoming spring projects, including masonry work, such as tuckpointing, brick work, lintel repairs, stone repairs, water proofing, caulking and glazing, and concrete repair. Additionally, the company has become a leader in balcony repair and replacement.

Steel and concrete balconies can become very costly if they are not properly maintained. During the spring, Dakota Evans can help ensure user safety by performing repairs, including concrete repairs/replacement, C-Channel repair/replacement, weather protection membrane installation or repair, and crack repairs. Full balcony replacements are also available. Additional services include painting, parking garage repairs and Exterior Insulated Finished System repairs.

“Even if you aren’t sure about which projects should be completed once the weather warms up, we can come out and do an inspection to see where issues may arise, if they already haven’t,” McCrimmon said. “We offer no charge for a detailed scope of work, which usually includes pictures and specific materials recommended for each project.”

For more information about services, along with the types of projects Dakota Evans Restoration accepts, call 847-439-5367, or visit Dakotaevans.com.