Dakota Evans Caulk Talk: Winter is the Optimal Time for Exterior Caulking Projects

Dakota Evans handled a caulking project at Fenwick High School in Oak Park, Illinois.

Dakota Evans handled a caulking project at Fenwick High School in Oak Park, Illinois.

Due to the heating and cooling cycles in the Midwest, the exterior of buildings should be re-caulked every 8-11 years.

So what does a masonry restoration company do during the winter months in the Midwest? The answer is (which surprises some) a substantial amount of exterior caulking projects, despite the chilly temperatures.

“Most people think you can’t caulk a building when it’s cold outside; in fact, the most successful caulking projects are completed in the winter,” said Chuck McCrimmon, founder and president of Dakota Evans Restoration, Inc. “Cold temperatures cause building joints and masonry to contract, allowing us to more easily apply caulk to them.”

The types of buildings and/or structures that are prime candidates for exterior caulking projects include pre-cast, parking structures, masonry buildings, window parameters and control joints.

Despite the work being done outside, Dakota Evans keeps the caulking materials at room temperature with the use of caulk heaters. The building joints are cleared with solvent-based cleaners.

Polyurethane silicones and hybrids such as a polyether are used, to provide for more longevity.

By addressing exterior caulking projects during the winter months, moisture is sealed out causing the building or structure to be more effectively maintained. For more information, call 847-439-5367 or email inquiry@dakotaevans.com. Dakota Evans can be found online at http://dakotaevans.com.

About Dakota Evans Restoration Inc.

Founded in 1997, Dakota Evans Restoration, Inc. serves clients in Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan. Projects include multi-family housing, hospitals, private universities and commercial buildings. Among the company specialties are tuck pointing, masonry repair, balcony repair and replacement, concrete repair and specialty coatings (painting) services.


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