Dakota Evans Celebrates 19 Years, Founder Part of New Industry Publication

chuck_pic_11Looking back, Dakota Evans Restoration founder Chuck McCrimmon remembers advice from people around him as his business was just taking off in 1997.

If you can make it one year, you’re good-they would say. Then, the suggestion became five years, to be sure you had a viable business that could ‘make it.’

Nineteen years later, Dakota Evans has evolved with the times, and created a coating division a few years back to augment its masonry restoration services. McCrimmon said that move helped his company gain a strong and competent place in the many projects it has led.

Building relationships has been one of the keys to the business’ success.

“What I have enjoyed most is helping our clients reach their goals,” McCrimmon said. “I love the relationships that develop, by figuring out how to best serve their needs by telling them like it is…that is what I believe has contributed to not only surviving, but thriving.”

On July 7, 2015, Dakota Evans celebrated its 19th birthday.

“It took a lot of days, nights, weekends, and a real commitment and passion for what we do,” McCrimmon said. “Our goal is to understand and address the underlying causes of an issue when we work with our clients, and not just addressing the symptoms.”

What Dakota Evans Restoration does is specialize in masonry repair, caulking, sealing, waterproofing and concrete repairs.

The company has become an industry leader, evidenced by McCrimmon being asked to contribute to a gold standard publication, Condo/HOA Primer. The book provides resources for residents of common interest communities that are led by homeowners associations-to help them better understand the laws that protect and govern them.

“I am honored to have been selected to represent the restoration industry for the state of Illinois; this book provides an array of resources for residents as well as association board members and property managers,” McCrimmon said.

The book was published by Brainer publications and will be distributed to property management companies across the state. In addition to McCrimmon providing his expertise in all facets of restoration, other topics within the book include legal and budgetary issues, accounting, reserve studies, insurance, board meetings, elections and other information pertinent to those governed by associations.

For more information on the Condo/HOA Primer publication, visit www.AssociationHelpNow.com.

To learn more about the services provided by Dakota Evans Restoration, visit the website at www.DakotaEvans.com or call 847-439-5367.

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